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Sunday Gateball

Strathfield Croquet Club Captain, Petula Shun, has been appointed as the State Coordinator of Gateball Refereeing.

Our club is now a Club Hub, so players from other clubs, who are interested in learning Gateball, are welcome to experience introductory sessions from  Strathfield’s accredited Gateball coaches.

lorraine hatfield hurstville 2.jpg
Lithgow player  2.jpg
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At the first session of 2023 in January,  six Strathfield gateballers, were joined by eight other gateballers. These came from a number of other clubs (Lithgow, Hazelbrook, Hurstville, Epping, Mosman and Warrawee).

Lorraine Hatfield from Hurstville Club

When we gather on the 1st and 3rd Sunday morning of the month, Strathfield members Petula Shun, and Jennie Brentnall each normally captain a side 

 All the way from Lithgow Club

We are presently preparing for a number of Gateball competitions (triples in Canberra mid- February, the Victorian doubles and team championships in late March). All are keen to have competitive games to hone their skills, not just as players but as officials (recorders, scorers, refereeing and lines people.

As some players come from afar, they often bring their lunch and stay on to play doubles in the afternoon.

Lynda Toms from Hurstville Club

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