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Rotary Club of Concord -First meeting of 2024 at Strathfield Croquet Club

On the 22nd January 2024, the Concord Rotary Club held its first meeting of the year at our Club. The evening’s activities were arranged jointly by Helen Lackey (our club’s Function Manager) and Phil McCarthy (President, Concord Rotary Club).  Allan Petersen (former Concord Rotary President) started this joint activity in 2023. 


A large group of Rotarians attended, and after learning a few basic croquet skills and tactics, they applied these to a Golf Croquet game. They were guided in this, by our club coaches. 

No one had to teach the group anything about being competitive. Some were naturals!  

2024 Concord Rotary 5.jpg
2024 Concord Rotary 1.jpg
2024 Concord Rotary 4.jpg

The game of billiards, came up in several conversations. It was obvious players were applying tactics used in that game, to help them out in croquet.

2024 Concord Rotary 3.jpg

At about 6.15 pm, someone was overheard to say “I am starving”.  The player had probably come straight from work.  It was a good time to stop, pack up the equipment, and head for the clubhouse, where an excellent Chicken and salad meal awaited.

Then, they completed their meeting activity, before finishing the evening with an ice cream dessert.
We are both clubs that provide services to our community, and the function was a great way to relax with like-minded people.

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