2021 SCC Golf Croquet Championship
- January/February 2022 (COVID19 delayed)

The Club's 2021 SCC Golf Croquet Championship was delayed by COVID19, but were finally held duriing January and February in 2022.


Many thanks to Club Captain, Petula Shun, for a prodigious organisational effort of arranging over eighty games across two Blocks (A & B)

21 GC Champ Finalists2.JPG

Helen Lackey and Carmen Platt prepare to do battle for the Club GC Championship Final.

21 GC Champ Semi.JPG

Helen Lackey and Peter Hall batttle out an exciting semi final.

The Finals took place on February 11. The winner of Block A (Peter Hall) played the Runner Up of Block B (Helen Lackey) and the winner of Block B (Carmen Platt) played the Runner Up of Block A (Elizabeth Comino).

All games were hard fought.

The Final saw a mighty struggle between Helen and Carmen. Carmen just managed to emerge victorious as  SCC 2021 Golf Croquet Champion.