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Current Members
The annual membership fee for 2023-2024 is $320.00
This fee includes the SCC fees and the CNSW affiliation fee
Members who belong to an affiliated club need only pay the SCC fee provided that they have paid the CNSW fee at their other club

Fees for social members
The annual membership fee for non-playing members is $50.00

Fees for new members
Fees for new members depend on the quarter in which the member joins
  Quarter joining        July-Sept       Oct-Dec       Jan-Mar       Apr-Jun
   Membership fee      $270.00        $202.50       $135.00       $67.50
   CNSW fee                  $50.00          $25.00        $25.00        $25.00
   Total payable            $320.00        $227.50      $160.00        $92.50

 Pro rata fees apply for new members only

Payments can be made by
   Cheque: cheques should be made payable to Strathfield Coquet Club Inc
   Cash: cash should be sealed in an envelope, be clearly identified and placed in the .      .   Treasurers  drawer or given to any member of the Committee.
    Direct Payment: the Club's bank details are BSB: 633 000 Account No: 149950503


2023-2024  MEMBER FEES

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