Come and Try Sessions

Come and Try Sessions' are designed to introduce newcomers to the skills and strategies of Golf Croquet or Ricochet. At these sessions not only do you get the use of the lawn and the club house, but we also provide coaching, equipment and morning tea. All sessions are limited to 16 participants. Course leaders appreciate to hear from the participant if they are unable to attend a session. If you miss a session you will not be expeced to pay for it. Each session can be paid for on the day it occurs. Remember to wear flat shoes and to protect yourself against the heat.

There are three types of 'Come and Try Sessions'.
1.   A Taste of Croquet

A 3x3 hour course on consecutive Friday mornings, from 09.30-12.30, is conducted at different times of the year. In 2020, a course is scheduled for 1st May, 8th May and 15th May. This course includes a traditional croquet picnic with champagne, chicken and salads ($50 pp for the package). If you are inerested contact Bob Phillips

2.   Croquet for You and Your Friends

Community groups, social clubs, schools and friendship groups can book an introductory 2-hour session. Just make an enquiry...before you know it, some of your friends might like to join you. One of the photos shows a group of friends from the Homebush Chinese Christian Church. Golfers sometimes like to play croquet and the Club was happy to provide an introductory session for Breakfast Point golfers. Prices on appllication.

If interested contact Ruth Bridger

Michael Thompson, Leader of the 1st Concord &1st Cabarita/Mortlake Venturer Scouts  and first Concord Scouts brought his scout groups to SCC

3. Croquet by Individual Arrangement

If neither of the above arrangements suit you, then we might be able to arrange a program to help you learn the fundamentals of croquet. If interested contact Ruth Bridger