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Information for New and Aspiring Members

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Strathfield Croquet Club always welcomes new members

New Members Can Expect:

  • Friendly, welcoming fellow club members, always ready to lend a hand.

  • Free coaching, arranged periodically with Club Coaches.

  •  Free use of Club Mallets, until you are sufficiently experienced to buy your own.

  • Lawns available for Members to practise whenever the lawns are free.

  •  As a Croquet NSW affiliated member, entry as a visitor to all other croquet clubs around the country. 

  • A Clubhouse Key (which remains the property of the Club).  A refundable deposit is required. 
  •  Provision of a Membership Contact List.

  • Access to the SCC Library.

Gateball 1jpg.jpg

Sparking in Gateball. 

Note the wider hoops (gates)

Making a roll shot in Association Croquet

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Playing Sessions

Currently we play Golf Croquet, Association Croquet, Ricochet and Gateball.

Play in at least one of the various codes occurs almost every day of the week. 

 Refer to the Playing Sessions page for the current timetable.

Twilight games are sometimes held during daylight saving. .

Joining the Club

  • If you would like to join us, and we hope you will, just start the ball rolling by emailing our Club Secretary who will send you a membership form. See the page Contact Us.

  • When you send the form back, our Membership Secretary who mentors new members will be in touch to guide you through the rest of the (simple) process - paying fees, getting a key, a name badge, borrowing a mallet etc.

Playing Gear

  • Beginners are welcome to use club mallets until they are sufficiently experienced to buy their own.

  • You should wear flat-soled shoes when playing on the lawns.  

  • Ideally, you should wear the Club uniform when

    • representing the Club at tournaments,

    • visiting other clubs,

    • hosting social hirings at the Club.

  • The Membership Secretary can advise you about getting a club-house key, a name tag and a Club uniform and Club badge.

  • See Club Management Team page for contact details for Club Management Team members

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