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Out Among the Sweet Peas

A squad from Strathfield Club  played in the Maitland Sweet Pea Doubles Competition on the weekend of the 17th March.

We were more than ably represented by:  Helen Lackey, Alan Smith, Cheryl Smith, Pauline Hogan and Carmen Platt, 

Due to a last minute cancellation, Cheryl and Alan were ,to their dismay,promoted from C Block to play in B block (higher handicaps).

After three days of consistent and excellent play they were surprised and delighted to be declared the winners of their block. 

Maitland 230318 B_edited.jpg

Carmen also played in B block and Helen and Pauline in C Block. 
All had mixed results but certainly had lots of fun and met some lovely people.

The Comp was very well organised, although play was affected by the extreme weather conditions on Sunday.  Although the Club worked around it and all went smoothly. 

The Battle of Blue v Green

Strathfield members have been so enthusiastic about playing other clubs this year that, for the first time, we have been able to field not one but two Pennants teams. It is significant that the two teams are in Division 3 - for handicaps 9 to 12, suggesting the enthusiasm of our newer players.

CNSW Pennants is an annual competition played within Zones across the state, with the winning teams from each zone being invited to play in a final series to determine the Division Champions. There are three Divisions (1, 2 & 3), based on handicaps.

Becareful of the crush, Raymann. The Referee is watching,

Pennants 23 SS Gteens.jpg

We were able to field two teams: Strathfield Blue and Strathfield Greem. Members as above. (Names not underlined are reserves.)

In this doub;es round, Green team members plot tactics while the Blue team (and the referee) keep watch.

It looks like Hoop 3.

Is that the right ball to go for, Joseph?

Maybe not, Joseph.

It depends on whether Alan makes this jump!

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