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National Conference Calls  to Introduce Game Plan.

To All Australian Croquet Clubs,
Exciting news!
On Tuesday the 9th of March 2021, you are invited to attend one of 2 National Conference calls with SportAus and The Australian Croquet Academy to introduce Game Plan.
Call One: Queensland Tasmania and New South Wales 6-00pm – 7-00pm (AEDT, Tas 6pm AEDT, NSW 6pm  AEST, QLD 5pm  )
Call Two: Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia 7-00pm – 8-00pm (AEDT, Vic 7pm ACDT, SA 6-30pm, AWST WA 4-00pm)
Game Plan is an online self-assessment tool aimed at helping clubs examine how they are operating. The checklist looks at a number of different factors that are crucial to success at club level and together these factors are used to build an overall picture of the way clubs carry out their operations.

Once all questions are answered, a detailed report is generated that identifies improvements and growth areas for the club and organisation.
Put simply, SportAus Game Plan helps clubs improve and perform at their best.
Want more information? Watch the SportAus video via this link:
Any questions? Just send me an email:
Greg Bury
General Manager
The Australian Croquet Academy

Queensland, Tasmania, New South Wales.
You are invited to join Greg Bury (Australia Croquet Academy) and Tom Halliday (Sport Australia) in a demonstration of Sport Australia's Game Plan: a digital tool to assist clubs in building their strategic and operational capabilities. 
Please ensure that you log into the meeting no later than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start to avoid disruption. 

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  3. When you're ready, hit Join now.

  4. This will bring you into the meeting lobby, where the meeting organiser can admit you.

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Feb 20

Good news for those of you who are missing your usual cuppa at croquet.

We now have limited use of our

kitchen facilities. 

Tea, coffee, milk and sugar will be provided - please bring your own cup/mug and take it home  with you to be washed.


On behalf of the Management Committee

Feb 20

Feb 20

Here are some pics taken at our regular Sunday Gateball Session last week before Petula and I head off this weekend, to play this Sunday, in a Mini-GB Competition played at Hazelbrook Bowling and Sporting Club.

Petula will be doing the practical component of her Referee Course (the rest has been completed). There are three teams  Hunter Plus, Strathfield Plus and Hazelbrook. The plus teams have a composite group of Gateballers from various clubs. We shan’t be wearing our new GB uniforms on this occasion, but they feel and look good.

RB, BP 130221

Recognising Special Contributors

Ruth Bridger is undoubtedly the best known member of SCC, possibly because she recruited or mentored most of us.  Behind the scenes she was a member of the Management Committee for many years, and took upon herself the organisation and management of many aspects of the club’s work.  She has retired from the Management Committee but has continued to contribute through her leadership, coaching and involvement in tournaments.


Our President Ann presented Ruth with a bottle of Croquet wine on the lawns in front of a small group of players. as a thankyou gesture on behalf of the club.

Yvonne Webster and Geoff Boyce have given years of dedicated service to our club, most recently as Club Captain and Club Treasurer.

They have now stepped down from those roles.  The club gave each of them a bottle of Croquet wine to thank them for their tireless labours over the years.

They will surely continue to help us out, because they are those sort of people.  If you see them around the club say , "Hi".



The St Bridget’s Rose in the attached picture was freshly cut this morning, and I send it, as a virtual gift back to SCC Committee and members to enjoy. I hope your senses do the rest, as the rose is beautifully perfumed. It is my expression of thanks to our SCC Committee and to my fellow members. Why? Because today, a number of Committee Members surprised me, whilst I was coaching two new players. 
Ann Shaddick presented me with a beautiful card, accompanying kind words of acknowledgment for my contributions to the club, and a splendid croquet themed bottle of Shiraz (sourced by Jo, who else!)
Ann said,  as I had been away, and could not be present at the MCM when Yvonne Webster and Geoff Boyce were similarly acknowledged for their  long term service  to our club, that I  would have my own special presentation. I loved being totally surprised, and the extra trip required of Committee Members who attended, was greatly appreciated. Many thanks all.

 From Ruth Bridger

Many thanks to

Geoff Boyce, Yvonne Webster and Elizabeth Dolphin

who have retired from the SCC Management team. 

Welcome to the incoming new Management Team members:

Elizabeth Comino, (Vice-President),

Helen Lackey, Secretary

Cheryl Smith, Treasurer

Pauline Hogan, Membership Secretary




If currently using a Club Mallet and/or planning to do so, please complete relevant details indicated  on  the form now located at the sign-in table


  • Inform Management Committee about Club Mallet usage, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Facilitate the Coaches’ Role when they need to supply new players/new members with a suitable club mallet, and ensure that the mallet is not used by multiple people each week

  •  Club Mallets/Gateball sticks can be borrowed for six months, by which time, members are expected to have sufficient knowledge to enable them to buy their own

  • Whilst borrowers may not be the only players to exclusively use the assigned mallet, there may be longer periods when this might be possible and is the Club’s aim during Covid Era

  • There is a duty of care we owe each other, in this ‘Covid-Safe Measures’ Era to ensure that

  • Mallet sharing is kept to a minimum and/or players wear washable gloves when using playing equipment

Please do not sanitise the handles of these mallets as this may damage the shaft surface.

A separate Borrowing form will be provided for new Gateballers/GB Visitors, and that form will be managed by the GB Coaches

FYI: Club Mallets/GB Sticks are also used by visitors, community groups, and Strathfield Girls High Students. This latter involvement with School Croquet, enabled the club to get grants/sponsorship to buy this playing equipment. A-E assigned mallets have been given to SCC.  RB    BP  230221   (Written on behalf of the Club Captain )                                                                                          

Epping, Newcastle, and Hazelbrook players joined Strathfield members for gateball on a Sunday morning.  Gateball is played  on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.  Come and have a look.  You never know you might like to learn how to play it.  See Ruth , if interested.

Elizabeth Dolphin, Jen Brentnall (background), her mother Jude (Hazelbrook) and Judy Squelch (Newcastle) who coached Ruth in her first games at Eastwood.  RB  BP 260221