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Notice to Members


Our AGM and Christmas party will be held at Strathfield Sports Club on December 14.

6:00 pm for pre dinner drink.

6:30-7:00 AGM

7:00 Our Christmas party.

If you have not already signed up at the club, contact Helen Lackey

GC Coaches Level1 and some Level 2 211117.jpg

Some participants from 17th November group:

Cheryl Fell, Ann Woods, John Hall, Petula Shun, Carolyn McNamara, Ann Shaddick, Elizabeth Comino

GC Coaches Level1 and some Level 2 211119.jpg
A Message from
our Club  Captain, Petula Shun...

The club successfully hosted the ACA GC coaching course. We now have 8 qualified GC coaches. Congratulation to Elisabeth Comino, Pauline Hogan, Cheryl Smith, Peter Hall and Lorraine Wilson who successfully completed Level 1. Ann Shaddick and I completed Levels 1 and 2.  Ruth Bridger is also Level 2. Next year the coaching team will initiate learning opportunities for all players. I would like players to request a skill they would appreciate assistance eg., Stop shot.

Next year we hope to return to club competition starting with GC championship from 10 th - 28 th January . Entries open- close 13th - 20th December. All players are encouraged to compete. It is an opportunity to play under minimum stress! I think inexperienced players will learn a lot and improve their skills, especially in making decisions. PS  BP 211121

Some participants from 19th November group:

Stephen Burns, Alison Sharpe, Bob Berry ,Charles Britton, Judy Tonkin, Pauline Hogan, Cheryl Smith, Roberta Flint


We asked our 50th Member , Joseph SAMARASINGHE ,  to tell us a little about himself , and he wrote the following: 


I was born in Sri Lanka where I grew up with my brothers and sisters. After graduating high school I lived and worked both in Germany and Japan before migrating to Australia in 1986. In Australia I have worked in several  professions including hospitality in  senior customer service roles and as a professional gemologist. I have a passion for golf and play a number of times a week, but in my retirement, I am keen to explore other team sports, hence my interest in Croquet. While I am still new to the sport, I am enjoying learning about it and meeting so many varied and interesting people. I have a strong feeling joining Strathfield Croquet Club is the best thing I did.


In 2006 SCC had 15 members, 8 of whom were actually active.  It was referred to as a dying club.  This year we welcome several new members, one of whom is our 50th, Mr Joseph SAMARASINGHE.  (see below)

The membership growth over the intervening years was largely due to the introduction of new forms of mallet sports, networking by members,  publicity efforts and the success of individualised coaching programs.

In 2010 Golf Croquet and Ricochet were introduced into the club, to complement the long-standing form of the game, Association Croquet.  Twenty new players joined and the lawns were opened for coaching in the afternoon periods.  The new members became the change agents for the Club as they took on new roles and raised both the profile of the Club and the bank balance. 

The Management Committee made sure that the Club’s finances were put to good use and, as a result, SCC has become a more accommodating and attractive club. Initiatives were taken to attract new members and one of the most successful, the Seniors  Festival, is still central to the program.    Over the years publicity has changed to embrace new technology and has been effective in generating enquiries. 

All members are offered coaching in all forms of croquet  including Gateball, which was introduced in 2018.  More coaches are being accredited in each of the forms of mallet sports.   These  initiatives are not only attractive to aspiring current members but play a role in keeping long-term members engaged.  RB   BP  190921

Let's hope so Joseph.  We will see you on the lawns (one day soon.) BP23/09/21

Some good news for a change 

Please be advised that Ruth Bridger has been appointed Head Coach of SCC.
Ruth plays all 4 codes - Association, Golf, Ricochet and Gateball and is fully qualified in each code. 

Ruth will co-ordinate the coaching team, keeping them updated with coaching developments, ensure that rules are understood and applied and support club members in gaining coaching qualifications.
Congratulations Ruth and thank you for taking on this important role.


Ann Shaddick for SCC Executive

Ruth 20210212.jpg

P H 23/07/21

Graham Maynard of Cameray Croquet Club has written to the developers of Croquet Evolution saying how highly he regards the production.  He asked us to contribute it to the social media site,  Reddit.  Peter Hall obliged and you now can find it , together with other croquet media offerings, by going to Google> Reddit>croquet.  It is also on You Tube.  If you are new to our own website,  then you can find the production right here .  See Croquet Matters>Croquet Development.  RP 190721