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In light of the more stringent advice from Croquet NSW, your Committee has reluctantly decided that from 5pm today (Friday 9th July 2021) the Club will need to be closed and there will be no play (even for exercise) until we hear further from Croquet NSW.

Some good news for a change 

Please be advised that Ruth Bridger has been appointed Head Coach of SCC.
Ruth plays all 4 codes - Association, Golf, Ricochet and Gateball and is fully qualified in each code. 

Ruth will co-ordinate the coaching team, keeping them updated with coaching developments, ensure that rules are understood and applied and support club members in gaining coaching qualifications.
Congratulations Ruth and thank you for taking on this important role.


Ann Shaddick for SCC Executive

P H 23/07/21

Graham Maynard of Cameray Croquet Club has written to the developers of Croquet Evolution saying how highly he regards the production.  He asked us to contribute it to the social media site,  Reddit.  Peter Hall obliged and you now can find it , together with other croquet media offerings, by going to Google> Reddit>croquet.  It is also on You Tube.  If you are new to our own website,  then you can find the production right here .  See Croquet Matters>Croquet Development.  RP 190721


Final matches in the 2021 Makara RC Event  took place  at Marrickville Croquet Club in the morning, followed by  a Presentation, and then a relaxing lunch.   


Results of matches are on Croquet Scores Website. 


The Winners and the Runners up of this Makara Event, are:


Charles Britton & Malcolm Powys (Marrickville CC) Winning pair

John Eddes and Dianne Bonnitcha (Sutherland CC) Runners-up


Makara 2021 IMG_5287.jpg

Players (left to right): L. Toms, L. Hatfield, S. Catt, J. Tonkin, P. Shun, R. Bridger, J. Eddes, D. Bonnitcha, M. Powys, C. Britton