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Notice Board

Good news for those of you who are missing your usual cuppa at croquet.

We now have limited use of our

kitchen facilities. 

Tea, coffee, milk and sugar will be provided - please bring your own cup/mug and take it home  with you to be washed.


On behalf of the Management Committee

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Tuesday, the 11th May (10am midday)- Lawn One and Clubhouse will be used for a Gateball Coaching Course


Tuesdays (RC &/or GC coaching and game)  and Fridays (GC Coaching and Game ) both days, one lawn will be used during May- possibly June, from 12.30 pm-3pm  


21st-23rd May 2021, members of our Strathfield Gateball Team - Ann Shaddick (non- playing Manager), Petula Shun (Chief Referee) Jen Brentnall (Assistant Referee), Ruth Bridger, Julia Rizzo and Bernadette English will be up at Toronto CC to compete  in our first Strathfield Gateballers Team, in the CNSW State Team Event.  One of our team players is  Bernadette English (from Sutherland Club). Ruth & Petula will also compete in the GB doubles event.  RB     BP080521

Final matches in the 2021 Makara RC Event  took place  at Marrickville Croquet Club in the morning, followed by  a Presentation, and then a relaxing lunch.   


Results of matches are on Croquet Scores Website. 


The Winners and the Runners up of this Makara Event, are:


Charles Britton & Malcolm Powys (Marrickville CC) Winning pair

John Eddes and Dianne Bonnitcha (Sutherland CC) Runners-up


Makara 2021 IMG_5287.jpg

Names of players (left to right): L. Toms, L. Hatfield, S. Catt, J. Tonkin, P. Shun, R. Bridger, J. Eddes, D. Bonnitcha, M. Powys, C. Britton

DSC04446 (3).JPG
DSC04437 (2).JPG
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Coordinated by Ruth Bridger with the assistance of  Petula Shun,  Helen Lackey,  Lucille McKenna, Pauline Hogan,  Stephanie Smith, Peter Hall and Bob Phillips


Saturday IMG_5273 (003).jpg
DSC04427 (2).JPG

Twelve people participated on Friday and thirteen on Saturday.  RB   BP  26042021

Petula made RC refereeIMG_6979.jpg

Petula has become  the first RC Referee at SCC. This is also Petula’s second Referee Badge, as she also recently became a Gateball Referee. A worthy achievement. Congratulations Petula!


Margaret Rose Thompson, an Examining Referee,  conducted the exam and presented Petula with her Referee Badge.


The RC exam involves, a comprehensive, open- book exam, then today, a further exam on the Rules, and Lawn Craft needed to ensure RC competitions are conducted according to current Rules, lawn preparation needs,  and expected player behaviour. These ACA Club Referees do not completely replace the obligation that players have to understand and apply Game Rules, as there are circumstances with Inter-Club and intra-Club competitions where players are expected to self-referee.  RB  BP  190421

Feb 20

Here are some pics taken at our regular Sunday Gateball Session.

Petula will be doing the practical component of her Referee Course soon (the rest has been completed). 

RB, BP 130221

IMG_4901 (002).jpg
Regular Gateball session on a sunday Feb





If currently using a Club Mallet and/or planning to do so,

please complete relevant details indicated  on  the form

now located at the sign-in table.


  • Inform Management Committee about Club Mallet usage, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Facilitate the Coaches’ Role when they need to supply new players/new members with a suitable club mallet, and ensure that the mallet is not used by multiple people each week

  •  Club Mallets/Gateball sticks can be borrowed for six months, by which time, members are expected to have sufficient knowledge to enable them to buy their own

  • Whilst borrowers may not be the only players to exclusively use the assigned mallet, there may be longer periods when this might be possible and is the Club’s aim during Covid Era

  • There is a duty of care we owe each other, in this ‘Covid-Safe Measures’ Era to ensure that

  • Mallet sharing is kept to a minimum and/or players wear washable gloves when using playing equipment

Please do not sanitise the handles of these mallets as this may damage the shaft surface.

A separate Borrowing form will be provided for new Gateballers/GB Visitors, and that form will be managed by the GB Coaches

FYI: Club Mallets/GB Sticks are also used by visitors, community groups, and Strathfield Girls High Students. This latter involvement with School Croquet, enabled the club to get grants/sponsorship to buy this playing equipment. A-E assigned mallets have been given to SCC.  RB    BP  230221   (Written on behalf of the Club Captain )                                                                                          

Mallet Borrowing

Club Mallets may be borrowed for six months, then please buy your own.

If you intend using a Club Mallet, please complete details required on the form located at the sign-in table.