Weekly Playing Times

Twilight Croquet

A nice way to finish off the week------ twilight croquet, followed by a little croquet party, late on a Friday.  It takes the stress out of living-------  gets you out  and about, gets you physical,  plenty to talk about and even a little imbibing.  Why not?  5pm-7pm  One more before the shadows get too long. Friday 27 March 5.00-7.00pm. All welcome. BYO.( Margaret Gollan)

The lawns will open from Monday 18th May.

The conditions of play are:

  • MAXIMUM of 10 players each session

  • Observe 1.5 m distance at all times

  • Bring your own water bottle, food and a personal hand sanitiser.

  • Observe signs in club house re cleaning hands and toilet facilities. ALSO balls and scoring clips/pegs, ready for other playing groups.

  • A limit of 5 people in the clubhouse at any time.

  • You may choose to wear gloves whilst playing.

  • ALL food, drinks and bags to remain outside the club house.

  • No cups, mugs, glasses or club cutlery to be used.

  • Please sanitise the pen after use when signing in and recording the number of the club mallet you will use ( or bring your own pen)

  • TAKE THE MALLET HOME - it is for your use only for the time being.

  • Players who pay green fees - please put the money in the box on the table. Don’t use envelopes.


The Committee thanks you for your cooperation.

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Session Coordinators
Monday and Friday afternoons    Elizabeth Comino     0417 402 369 
Wednesday morning                    Ros Crosier              9787 1073
Gateball                                        Ruth Bridger            0407 044 042