What has been happening at our club recently ...

Strathfield Rotary has held their first meeting of the year at our club in mid January. This tradition goes back to 2010 and combines croquet,  socialising and sharing a great meal.

This year there were thirty two from Rotary and five SCC volunteers.

We also now have a group of Rotarians who are quite accomplished at Golf Croquet - they have fun while remaining competitive. We help new players integrate with the more experienced players. Some of the Rotarians asked about Gateball, so we gave them some experience with the different equipment involved.

During 2020 the club will launch A Taste of Croquet.  See Come and Try Sessions under Joining the Club. We ask all members to assist in this initiative by doing two things.

 First, take away one of the brochures currently on the table in the club and give it to someone you know who might be interested in joining.

Second,  if you are a member of another organisation, or know someone who is a member of another organisation, then see what you can do to get that organisation to invite our team of Bob Phillips, Peter Hall and Ruth Bridger to give them a one-hour Taste of Croquet talk.  Contact Bob Phillips for more information.

The inaugural Brian Lawrence Smith Memorial Trophy was this year presented to Ruth Bridger. This trophy has been generously donated by Brian Smith's family to recognise members who have made a special contribution during the year to keeping our club membership happy and supported through demonstrated inclusiveness, friendliness and understanding of our club's needs. 
Members will be asked to vote for the 2020 recipient in  August 2020, so keep an eye out for possible worthy winners.
Congratulations again Ruth.

The Xmas party was a success, and the clubhouse was filled with our members and special guests, who attended from Strathfield Council, Councillors Nella Hall and Karen Pensabene and from Strathfield Sports Club , Keri Sultmann (bookkeeper/ Admin. Assistant). Brian Smith’s descendants left before dinner, due to another engagement.

Councillor Antoine Doueihl, Mayor of Strathfield, reciprocated and invited representatives of our Club to attend his first evening Xmas gathering of Community Groups, at the Strathfield Town Hall on the 18th December.

Ann Shaddick, Yvonne Webster, Ruth Bridger, Geoff and Helen Boyce represented our Club.

Peter Hall has volunteered to be the manager of our website.   Having moved to Rhodes a little while ago, Peter has been a member of Coogee Croquet Club for 35 years.  He has experience in the design and maintenance of websites and is a member of the team rejuvenating Strathfield Croquet's website.  He has also made a major contribution to our PowerPoint Presentation for outside groups.

The club needs volunteers to assist with minor editorial activities on our website, updating announcements and the like. While this may sound daunting, it is, in fact, extremely straightforward. Our Club website manager, Peter Hall, is only too happy to give you an hour or so practice. (All you will need. It is actually easier to learn than Golf Croquet and can be done in the comfort of your own home. And, if you muck it up, it is trivially easy to fix.) Impress your family and friends with your technological expertise.

The club needs volunteers to assist with the 2020 Seniors Croquet Sessions on Sundays, the 16th and the 23rd February.  If available to assist/have any queries, send an email via strathfieldcroquet@gmail.com , or when next at the club, place your name on the Volunteer Sheet on sign-in table.

The club needs volunteers to assist with organising occasional small club functions  (e.g., following an inter-club Championship, or an introductory croquet post-Course picnic lunch). The club would pay for the catering of drinks/food. Perhaps, you know a retired event organiser, who could easily handle the occasional small-medium sized lunch group. If you do,send an email via strathfieldcroquet@gmail.com , This activity has nothing to do with the larger community functions, who self-provide, and are a source of necessary income for the club.

The new SCC Gateball sticks are now on new storage hangers in cupboard closest to the front windows. Thank you Geoff for setting up the hangers.

Re water usage: we are permitted to water our active playing fields with our watering system before 10 am and after 4pm.  This permission probably will be reviewed mid-January. Geoff Boyce handles matters related to irrigation.  Ann and Yvonne welcome other players to assist anytime with hand watering the pots.

You may have noticed the new front door, the new front gates and done up club sign. Also, a new water tap has appeared, on the western side of property. Thank you, Jo Constable (our properties manager), for successfully keeping our clubhouse and lawn surrounds looking good.

Our croquet club has contributed $400 to the Strathfield Sports Club Bushfire Appeal.  This has been topped up by a $100 contribution from Petula.

Vale Ken Poole (1937-2019) of Epping Croquet Club, who was a member of the Epstars Gateball Team playing alongside Ruth, Petula, Elizabeth and Jen. He was a good friend to our club, lending us Gateball equipment when we started playing the game.  We will miss the friendly, kind and passionate man that he was.  RIP (RB 120120)