CNSW Covid Guidelines

Date of Guideline: 8 September 2020

Changes since last Guideline:  

This is the first advice notice/ no current changes.

The NSW Government and the Office of Sport issue press releases, health orders, announcements, guidelines and regulations under State emergency powers from time to time to take into account changes to Covid-19 case numbers and outbreaks.  
As croquet is not the primary focus, CNSW often needs to seek further guidance about the application of the amended orders and guidelines for croquet. CNSW guidelines are updated in response to changes.  Please let us know if anything has been missed or is not clear.  Contact
These guidelines are provided for the use of members and clubs.  We use our best endeavours to keep the guidelines up to date. Moreover, these guidelines set a minimum level only.  Clubs should consider their own circumstances and if appropriate introduce stronger measures.  This has already happened with a number of clubs.


Club play is permitted subject to 

  • No member should play if unwell, or waiting for the results of a Covid test, or have been overseas or interstate particularly Victoria or in a hotspot in the previous 14 days.

  • Clubs must complete and display  a Covid Safe Plan 

  • Shared equipment should be cleaned and sanitised before and after use

  • Social distancing applies at all times

  • Clubs should provide sanitiser and wipes for member use and members should be asked to bring their own supplies as well

  • No more than 10 people per lawn

  • No more than 50 people per venue

  • Visitors should come from within the required zones of 30km radius for Metro Clubs and 50km radius for Country Clubs.

  • Players must record names and phone numbers for each playing session.  Clubs must retain these records along with booking information and booking sheets.


  • Clubhouses should remain closed except where needed for toilets or shelter. Social distancing applies at all times regardless. Clubhouses must display the maximum number of people in the clubhouse at one time as per the foursquare metre rule.

  • Whenever the clubhouse is used, all surfaces should be wiped clean.  Use sanitiser and  paper towel for all cleaning and don’t forget high touch points especially door handles

Competitions between Clubs

  • These need to be limited to clubs within 30km (city) or 50km (country)

  • There should be no social gathering just arrive, play and go

  • There should be no carpooling or overnight stays

  • No social events or shared meals.

  • Draws may need to be reorganised so that players have less interaction. If you need help with the draw for your local event, please contact the Tournament Committee for support.

CNSW Competitions 
These Competitions are held or cancelled on a case-by-case basis taking into account:
1.    Compliance with health orders and Office of Sport guidelines 
2.    Inclusiveness ie potential entrants are not prevented from entry because of the Government orders and guidelines 
3.    The event is valid as per its description and title, example: it is not s State Event if not everyone that entered can play because of restrictions on playing regions. In this case, an event may still be held in different areas and called something else to ensure players are still able to play.