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Jodie McKay,  State Member for Strathfield and Leader of the Opposition in the State Parliament, is our Club Patron.  Jodi visited the Club on Friday 26th February at 9.30.

Geoff Boyce ensured perfect weather  on Friday 26th February when SCC lawns were filled with varied activities and several special guests. These included our Patron, Jodi McKay who is also Member for Strathfield and Leader of the NSW Opposition. Jodi was accompanied by Maryanne Duggan (Councillor at Strathfield Council). The purpose of their visit was for SCC Committe to thank Jodi for the recent grant to insert sun screens on our official referee and players' sunshelters.

Jodi also left gift bags (with goodies for our Seniors, coming to our Seniors Festival Croquet Session on 23rd April). Both Jodi and Maryanne have been great supporters of our clubfor many years and appreciate the strong community engagement activities our Club undertakes each year (such as our School Croquet Program at SGHS).

Team Strathfield with Jodi McKay  AS   BP  260221

On the other lawn was Alison Sharpe (Former World Number 1 Croquet player (currently Number 2 in the World). Alison plays Association Croquet and Golf Croquet at this elite level) and last year started a coaching business 'Sharpe Shots'. As Alison says' she is passionate about the game, and really wants to give back to the sport that has given her so much'. Alison is no stranger to our club, and has visited us on many occasions. This time it was to coach some of our Golf Croquet cohort of players...a welcome addition to the support players already get from SCC coaches.  RB  BP  270221

Heard on the lawns...

"the location is a hidden gem, nothing like it…love visiting…lawns look so good"

Alison  Sharpe  coaching Carmen Platt. AS  BP  260221   

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ACA Coach Courses in Newcastle and Canberra

Posted 08/02/20

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With our New QR code operating, and a prepared group list with contact numbers, we were able to speedily get onto the pleasure of playing Gateball, with the 16 players who turned up. All knew the Covid safe drill.


U3A course members Anne Hall, Sue Goh and Mei-Su came yesterday. It was a very hectic but enjoyable time for all, as we were able to have two games conducted simultaneously with one court set up on each lawn. The newies were very impressed, and were made most welcome by the experienced players. Our new Captain, Petula Shun organised the games, and had the opportunity to referee on a number of occasions. Much of the time for the newies was spent initially by watching, helping to keep score, and various players explained to them what was happening, and gradually added more responses to their ‘many whys?’. All in the group had such fun, and were so keen to compete with just experienced players in both teams as well.  We have missed the comraderie and competitive spirit, such gathering generates.The newies had time to practise, and then were invited to partake in a couple of games. They loved it.


What was most impressive was, that Ryan (Strathfield Council Staff) came and dressed the lawns by adding fresh boundary lines. The machine had malfunctioned mid-week. Beyond the call of duty, for which we were so grateful…thanks Ryan.


See instructional videos by a player who is visiting SCC shortly.