With our New QR code operating, and a prepared group list with contact numbers, we were able to speedily get onto the pleasure of playing Gateball, with the 16 players who turned up. All knew the Covid safe drill.


U3A course members Anne Hall, Sue Goh and Mei-Su came yesterday. It was a very hectic but enjoyable time for all, as we were able to have two games conducted simultaneously with one court set up on each lawn. The newies were very impressed, and were made most welcome by the experienced players. Our new Captain, Petula Shun organised the games, and had the opportunity to referee on a number of occasions. Much of the time for the newies was spent initially by watching, helping to keep score, and various players explained to them what was happening, and gradually added more responses to their ‘many whys?’. All in the group had such fun, and were so keen to compete with just experienced players in both teams as well.  We have missed the comraderie and competitive spirit, such gathering generates.The newies had time to practise, and then were invited to partake in a couple of games. They loved it.


What was most impressive was, that Ryan (Strathfield Council Staff) came and dressed the lawns by adding fresh boundary lines. The machine had malfunctioned mid-week. Beyond the call of duty, for which we were so grateful…thanks Ryan.


See instructional videos by a player who is visiting SCC shortly.



Current Covid19 rules limit us to 10 people in the club house at any one time. Rising to the challenge of the dual constraints of the Covid restrictions and the anticipated extremely hot weather (35C+ was predicted for the day), the Club Management Committee moved the Annual General Meeting outside (overcoming the Covid constraint), into the shade and earlier in the day (9am instead of our traditional 10am start - avoiding the heat). 

The outcome was a very pleasant meeting, in Strathfield's own picturesque surroundings, efficiently chaired by President Ann to bring the meeting to a close before the heat of the day arrived.

Before moving to the election of the new Committee, President Ann noted with regret that Geof Boyce and Yvonne Webster would not be rejoining the Committee. Ann's sentiments were seconded by members with a round of applause.

Minutes and Reports from the AGM of Saturday 28 November will be available on this website shortly.


A group of seven Probus friends from Breakfast Point have been joining us on Friday afternoons in November. some of whom have had some croquet exposure at SCC over the past two years, both through the Probus Friday group organised pre-Covid19 and through Strathfield’s Seniors Festival held in February. The Probus Players, as they style themselves, found their interest re/ignited when they went on a cruise ship earlier this year. The ship provided a croquet lawn for passengers’ entertainment. They were such an enthusiastic and committed group that we are thrilled that they have promised to return in the New Year.

Jan Taylor, Barbara Webb, Maria McGrath, and Phil Turley from Breakfast Point Probus



We were going to do it last year, but the room became unavailable.  We were going to do it in the first part of this year, but Covid intervened.   We thought the terrible weather on Thursday 5th November might stop us this time, but then it happened - a great day came out of nowhere and the long-awaited U3A  Taste of Croquet:  The Full Course, started on Friday 6th.   Two more Fridays  to go to complete the experience,  and we kept our fingers crossed. 


Happy participants were Alanah Jeffries, Met-su Chen, Anne Hall, Sue Goh, Carol Hyde and Bee Poh Yeah.  Coaches Ruth Bridger, Elizabeth Dolphin, Petula Shun and Peter Hall introduced the players to golf croquet , paper cups and croquet in a Covid environment.  (BP 071120)

"Some people have said that croquet should not be offered by the U3A because it does not have enough to challenge the brain.   Today I could see how much success depends on strategy. It is really very challenging.   Where do you buy a mallet?  Great fun.  How much to join?  A thought sport.   I'll be back next week.  Three weeks of this, for free.  Unbelievable.  Mindfulness.The coaches were terrific.  So much individual help.  Great communication.  Walking billiards.  My knee hurts."

Day 2: U3A  Taste of Croquet:  The Full Course

presented us with a burst of sunshine, following threatening weather foecasts and ominous signs from above. All six participants turned up ready to  practise their skills and learn a little about the social history of croquet.  Ruth Bridger and Peter Hall did the coaching and Peter and myself did the commentary accompanying our  Powerpoint presentation, Croquet Evolution. (BP 13/11/20)


I, (Peter) played really well at GC on Wednesday morning, and I put it down to all the reflection I was doing, in passing on to new players the steps in the stroking process,  which we call ‘the ROUTINE’

This group exceeded my expectations, and new players are playing well, reading up in between sessions. They demonstrate a willingness to give new skills a go. They have been so committed. 

- Ruth

Don't lift you head.  Stay down.   

Look at the centre of the back of the ball.  Don't try to control the mallet.  Let it swing.

Day 3: U3A  Taste of Croquet:  The Full Course

- promised to be hot, very hot - and it was. 

Ricochet and Gateball were on the menu, as was the evaluation of the course and a bring-your-own Covid 19 style lunch.

Mei-Su turns a stun shot into a jump shot!


A captive audience discusses the evolution of croquet.

Elizabeth sharing words of wisdom with Mei-Su 

Carol and Bee Poh demonstrate: Don't rush your rush shot

Alanah, mastering Gateball technologies


  1. I got insight into all these games I had never tried previously.  What a little gem this club is, a piece of genteel history.

  2. It has been planned excellently.  I’ve learned so much from this course and enjoyed every moment.

  3. Very well planned and coordinated.  Everyone friendly and supportive.

  4. Very enjoyable and coaches were all excellent.  Thank you.

  5. The coaches are very friendly.  patient and skilful-very encouraging.  It is a nice club, lovely lawn and close to train station. 

  6. Great coaching, coordination.  A lot of effort has been put it in to make me enjoy and learn about the various games.  Lovely people.

BP  27/11/20