• A Club that is friendly, diverse and with mixed membership, who play on equal terms in a quiet location.


  •  A range of social events are held throughout the year, and provide opportunities to introduce croquet to various community groups.


  • A variety of games (Association Croquet, Ricochet, Golf Croquet and Gateball). Games can differ in complexity and duration, but many of the mallet skills learnt are transferable. 


  • Coaching sessions are usually provided free for members


  • Free use of club mallets until the player has sufficient  knowledge to purchase mallet to suit their needs.


  • Flexible and/or regular playing times, as we have both Morning and Afternoon sessions. In summer, twilight Sessions can also  be arranged.


  • Organised playing sessions which are held Monday to Saturday. Gateball is usually played in the morning, on the 1st Sunday of the month.


  • An affordable, life-time sport, that is non-contact, and of low impact.


  • A progressive Club which reaches out to community groups,  such as - scouts/guides,  local schools, University and U3A.