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November 2023
The lawns are in wonderful condition with players enjoying the faster lawns. It is great to see our members wearing the club uniform.
Competition has continued with different members gaining new experiences and learning more skills.

Makara GC competition was completed on Friday 10th. Holroyd club won our division after  very hard won games. Strathfield Club were the runners up.

Strathfield GC team was successful in the Enid Brown competition.
At the NSW Gateball championship we had a double and team entries for the first time at Newcastle. Moreton Bay team won with Canberra team runners up. Our team played well, winning some games, learning some new tactics and meeting new and old friends.
Club Gof Croquet Championship has commenced. There are 11 participants this year.
On Friday a workshop for ‘on site training on the use of our defibrillator’ was facilitated by Belinda Keir from St John Ambulance. This was joined Club and Hub activity. 9 clubs were invited. It included basic first aid ,cardio resuscitation ,as well as the use of the defibrillator. The workshop was well received. We had a fantastic number from our club attend. All sessions will have at least one player that has been informed of the defibrillator use.
Hope to see you all the Christmas Party.
Petula Shun

Captain’s Report

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